Into the Void
Melting Greenland Glacier
River of Rocks
Luminous Aloneness
Glacial Remnants
Birch Cluster
An Eerie Calm
Illuminating moonlight

5 thoughts on “GORDS PAINTINGS

  1. This has been a real pleasure – viewing your intimate understanding of the living physical world. I am partial to birch trees myself. Your spiritual connection to positive energy is breathtaking. I love the fearless use of colour. I will never be able to look at you in the same way – I will always see you through your creative expressions – this art of yours. Wow! When are you having an exhibit or studio tour? Pam and I will want to take a road trip. Viewing these for me has been like looking at something deep inside I have always known was there – pure beauty of life. ‘…living in open wonder…’…the splendour of living cadence/
    I realize/From nothing, there is always something/Magical.’ piece of a poem of mine. Create on!


    1. Thank You for your kindness. I am grateful.Do you know Kathleen Raines. She is a poet and academic and my favourite writer about poets, poetry and creativity. Love your poetry and writing


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